Dragon brings good luck

Traditional Taiwanese Red Turtle Rice Cake paired with Golden Dragon Rice Cake, bringing you good luck and prosperity in the Year of the Dragon! The Red Turtle Cake features a chewy outer layer and a distinct red bean fillings. Similarly, the Golden Dragon Cake has a chewy outer layer and is filled with sweet yet not overpowering mung bean paste. The combination of these two is not only delightful and petite but also visually appealing, making it an excellent choice for Chinese New Year gifts!

Flavor:Red Bean + Mung Bean
Weight::Approximately 50g per piece (6 pieces per box, 3 Red Bean + 3 Mung Bean)
Shelter life:12 months

Heating Instruction:
[Microwave] No need to thaw, tear open a small corner of the packaging, and heat at 800W for about 40 seconds before enjoying.
[Rice Cooker] No need to thaw, open the packaging, add 100 C.C of water to the outer pot, and it’s ready to eat when the switch pops up.

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